Family enjoying the holidays

This time of year is full of moments, memories, and celebrations that are best enjoyed through connection and communication. It’s our job, passion, and commitment to help you reconnect and rejoice with the sounds of your season.

Whether you’re currently fit with technology or are still learning about your treatment options, we’re here for you. We pride ourselves on not only being your hearing care provider but your hearing care partner. Our top priority is to provide you with quality care at every step of your hearing care journey.

It’s important — especially this time of year — to make sure you’re hearing your best. Hearing every inside joke, every story, and the option for seconds is what makes this season merry and bright. Here’s how we keep our promise to help you hear your best this season and all year long!

Your Exclusive Hearing Care Experience

The way we operate is different from most practices out there, focusing on comprehensive care versus solely technology. What we offer is an all-encompassing hearing experience comprised of patient-centric providers; an elite level of testing, treatment, and care; and expert fitting of the world’s best hearing technology options.

In support of protecting, preserving, and promoting better hearing, the below is exclusively available to you:

  • Hearing solutions for everyone
    We are always able to offer you the latest, most effective hearing aids available. Many practices can’t guarantee this, but we’re committed to it.
  • Comprehensive hearing care
    While we focus on hearing treatment, we also specialize in hearing protection and hearing loss prevention.
  • You’re our focus
    We want to understand the way you live, your personal hearing needs, and your better-hearing goals in order to create a treatment plan that gets you where you want to go.
  • Respected providers across the country
    We are nationally networked for coverage while you travel. With our provider exchange program, you can find another AudigyCertified practice near your destination where you can get the same great level of care and service you receive from us. We’d be happy to help you find them and clarify what services they offer.
  • Accurate diagnostic testing
    Our advanced diagnostic examinations are thorough, precise, and accurate, providing the most comprehensive picture available of which sounds and listening environments are particularly problematic for you in your desired lifestyle.
  • Learning is our priority
    Our team attends training events focused on advancing patient care to ensure that you have the best possible experience every time.
  • Helping you feel confident
    Online and in our practice, we provide patient-driven educational materials designed by the country’s top providers, giving you all the answers you need to make informed choices about your hearing care.


Whether your festive focus includes religious services or a full social calendar (or both!), we want to help keep your spirits merry and bright by recommending a clean and check of your current devices. This is our busiest time of year, so contact us today to schedule your cleaning!