Dr. Russ working with a patient to clean their earwax

Shawnee audiologist Dr RussDr. Calyn Russ-Whitt wants Hearing Health Care to be a sanctuary for those seeking a reconnection to sound. She possesses a passion for her craft that is evident, and what sets her apart is her personal journey through the realm of hearing care. Dr. Russ-Whitt is not only an expert in audiology, but she is also a hearing care patient herself.

Dr. Russ-Whitt’s own experiences make her uniquely suited to enriching the lives of her patients in the most personal of ways.

Her road to becoming a doctor of audiology began with a bachelor’s degree in communication disorders from the University of Redlands in California. It was here that her fascination with the complexities of hearing first took root. This initial degree paved the way for an extraordinary career in audiology. Next, Dr. Russ-Whitt earned her doctorate from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Russ-Whitt’s story was not just one of academics. She has endured a path of hearing loss herself, being diagnosed with progressive hearing loss at the age of 8. Throughout her youth, striving to stay connected to the world of sound, she wore hearing aids on and off unsuccessfully. During her graduate school years, she received bilateral cochlear implants — a transformative experience that heightened her understanding of the emotional and physical aspects of hearing loss.

One major milestone in Dr. Russ-Whitt’s career was her selection as a member of the 2019–2020 Leadership Shawnee class. It was a testament to her commitment not only to her practice but to the community she served. Dr. Russ-Whitt believes in giving back.

Leadership Shawnee is a leadership development program designed to provide community leaders with a deeper understanding of the critical issues affecting the greater Shawnee area. The program is based on the belief that knowledge of community and accompanying areas of need are the prime motivators of leadership.

To Dr. Russ-Whitt, Hearing Health Care is more than a practice — it is a testament to her unwavering commitment to her patients. Her extensive experience, including time spent in ENT clinics and audiology private practice, has molded her into a true advocate for auditory health. Her clinical externship at a nonprofit speech and hearing center — where she served children and adults in Orange, California — honed her skills in empathy and compassion. She knew the struggles her patients faced, and she was determined to be the beacon of hope they needed.

Dr. Russ-Whitt’s connections with her patients don’t stop at the clinic doors. She is an avid Sooners football fan, and her enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. Patients often find themselves discussing the latest game with her, or the prospects of the team. Beyond that, Dr. Russ-Whitt has an unbridled zest for life. She loves hiking, kayaking, attending concerts, and exploring new restaurants around town. Her vibrant spirit resonates with her patients, proving that a fulfilling life can be led despite hearing challenges.

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