Dr Kalies and Team

Here’s to You

This year we’re celebrating 70 years of helping our community hear better, but the real praise goes to you.

At Hearing Health Care, Inc., we have a different kind of patient, one who values living life to the fullest and obtains that through a dedication to better hearing. Without you, there is no us. You help us fulfill our passion to better people’s lives through better hearing by helping yourself, and we’re incredibly thankful for that.

Our practice originally started in 1947 to help veterans returning from World War II and those helping the war effort in the factories at home. Hearing Health Care, Inc., became a family practice in 1976, when Dr. Kalies’ father took over ownership. Dr. Kurt Kalies became involved with the practice as a young adult and discovered a passion for helping the community. Without your dedication to your hearing health and your support in our mission to help our community hear better, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

When we celebrate 70 years, we’re really celebrating a partnership with you and our collective dedication to helping you hear better. You have helped us become the most inclusive choice for hearing care and technology, because you have allowed us to wake up every day and do what we love.

Your commitment to your better-hearing journey inspires us to continue on our own path toward better hearing. Together we make a pretty good team.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take advantage of our free clean & check this new year!